Saturday, October 17, 2009

Callbacks: Role Descriptions

Johnny Easy: The Gumshoe
Disillusioned, acerbic, wary. A student worker in Lost and Found, Johnny is a man with a past and just enough conscious to have it trouble him. Embodying a detective from his fedora down to his rough and rumbling quips, he often finds himself a little too good at his job. Will he risk it all to solve the most important case of his career?

Scarlett Black: The Femme Fatale
Seductive, secretive, enthralling. Scarlett, a grad student, uses a sharp mind and smooth skin to get what she wants, when she wants. Glamorous within the muddy world of academia, she stands above her lesser coeds. Is Scarlett tempting enough to lure Johnny into her trap?
Mac: The Bartender
Rough, wise, observant. Usually found behind the catering table, Mac is Johnny's most useful information...and closest friend. Wise beyond his years, little goes on on OSU's campus that Mac doesn't know about. Will Johnny listen to Mac or will their shared past be Johnny's downfall?
Ruby: The Ex
Alluring, conniving, confident. Being Nate's recent ex, Ruby has got prime suspect written all over her. Ruby uses her voice, and those legs, to lure those around her into her confidence as a lounge singer. Is Ruby out for revenge or will Johnny be able to clear this songbird's name?
Prof. Anderson: The Professor
Handsome, charming, intellectual. Underneath the tweed jacket and academic persona is a smooth casanova more likely to be focused on younger coeds then his Shakespearian courses. Being Nate's thesis adviser, he's the one most closely associated with the missing thesis, but perhaps he knows too much. Will Johnny be able to find out what the good professor is hiding?
Lola: The Receptionist
Brassy, flirtatious, competent. Being Johnny's second in command has its perks, and Lola takes full advantage by harboring her crush for the private eye amid her office work. Will Johnny's trust in this secretarial bombshell help or hinder his case?

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