Friday, October 2, 2009

Johnny Easy: What It's All About

Thanks for visiting the Johnny Easy and The Student Affair blog! To get you situated, here's a run down of just what this crazy short film is all about.

Title: Johnny Easy and the Student Affair
Log Line: The recluse and downtrodden Johnny Easy, a student worker in Lost and Found, picks up his old sleuthing ways after a seductive grad student, Scarlett Black, appears at his door with a plea to save her brother's academic career.

Status: We are currently in the preproduction phase, meaning we are in the process of solidifying our cast, crew, and locations.
Timeline: We plan on having auditions on Oct. 13th-16th in the KBVR TV conference room Memorial Union East 210, by appointment. Once done with casting and getting our crew, we will begin shooting in November and continue until Winter Break begins. We are planning all of our shooting to be on the weekends, but a definite schedule will depend mostly on cast availability.
Who's Involved: Johnny Easy and The Student Affair is a student film with the main crew being from KBVR-TV here on OSU's campus.
Equipment: We are using camera, lighting, and other film equipment from the KBVR-TV studios. Shooting will be done a PD-170 camera with a widescreen lens.
Style: Johnny Easy and The Student Affair is a spoof film noir, shot like the old black and white 1940s detective movies.

Contact: If you have any questions about the production or want to help in any capacity, (cast, crew, make-up, costumes, we'll take it all!), please use the following contact information for Margaret Anderson or come by the KBVR Front Office during business hours in Memorial Union East 210.

541-737-6323 (Office)
541-207-5148 (Cell)

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